Your questions about landing strip

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Nancy asks…

How do I give myself a landing strip?

Any tips?
What looks best?


Use a good razor. Sharp Blades. Lots of shaving cream — and use lotion after wards. Not Fragrance type!

Donna asks…

how do i create a perfect landing strip for down there?

i really want to create this,but everytime i try its comes out weird looking and crooked lol,any advice?


Why not shave it all off, and when it starts to grow back, shave off what you don’t want, and what you do want will continue to grow. That would seem like the easiest way.

George asks…

What needs to be done prior to approaching the landing strip?


No mohawks in the way = )

Lizzie asks…

Girls and guys I am getting a brazillian wax, do you prefer the “landing strip” or all off?

And is it neccessary to take a couple of painkillers beforehand? 0_o


Don’t mess about with the “landing strip” – just get rid of everything.

Regarding the pain, if this is your first time, take a dose of Ibuprofen about 45 minutes before treatment and that should dull the sensation. On future occasions, you will find it hurts less and less and eventually, it will be hardly worse than removing a plaster/band-aid.

Chris asks…

What do you think about the goatee that looks like a rectangular landing strip?


hideous……….i like scruff on a guy but more natural look

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