WKUK – Strip Club Names

| December 15, 2010 | 25 Comments

This is the last sketch from the 2nd episode of the 4th season of the Whitest Kids U’ Know

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  1. gummyboots says:

    1.Up your butt and around the corner
    2.Splooge Mcfucks honey bin
    3.Wieners with a Z on the end (I hope that’s what the sign actually says)
    4.Uretha Franklin
    5.Daddies fucked up secret

  2. unt0uchable389 says:

    was it just me or did the fourth season blow ass? i mean this sketch was pretty good but otherwise it was a dud

  3. TP95TP says:

    captain blow hards tit hole

  4. missmoanypants says:

    This one is in my top 5 favorites from season 4

  5. hayydenn17 says:

    some like it twat

  6. Dltn97 says:

    @marinecorp179 In space…no one can hear you cream.

  7. SpareTimeShow says:

    Weiners with a Z at the end XD

  8. bbrake says:

    “Hey, guys. It’s a weeknight. You know what that means…”

  9. AxeloneX says:

    missing children from the nineties

  10. MrBomber116 says:

    Capitan blowhards tit hole is where u find me most nights watching WKUK

  11. fourcade95 says:

    This ones gay

  12. itachijim555 says:

    that place is…i don’t like that place XD

  13. Leopardfire5566 says:

    ST double D’s and Hepititus C cups

  14. TwistedGentleman says:

    Jim’s part was the best, his delivery was beautiful

    “Mao Zedong’s Sweatshop” and “In space, no one can hear you cream” are winners.

  15. TwistedGentleman says:

    Jim’s part was the best, his delivery was beautiful

    “Mao Zedong’s Sweatshop”

  16. gabrielknobcheese says:

    you can’t wear jeans to a strip club

  17. xXxSlayerxXx619 says:

    i love the part of the credits when the little kids just scream ” HOLY SH*T” XD F ING HILARIOUS!

  18. snerd8 says:

    ROFL Condomleeza Rice

  19. mobug710 says:

    this either needs to be a lot shorter or a looooot longer

  20. HANNAHHARMON78 says:

    they go to a strip club every week night?

  21. duhhsaurus says:

    in space no one can hear you cream!

  22. halo3fan98 says:

    st double d’s

  23. halo3fan98 says:

    daddyz fuked up secret

  24. halo3fan98 says:

    staten island ferry lmfaoo

  25. symbioteowner4 says:

    Splooge McFuck’s Honey Bin.

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