Tips to Get Girls’ Attention

| September 5, 2011

Tips to Get Girls’ Attention


get girlsDo you find making the ladies know that you are in the same room as they are a challenging job? If your answer is yes, then you need to know how to get girls’ attention so that they will know you exist. When you are in a crowd with a mix of men and women, getting the level of attention you want from the ladies can be a bit difficult to do. For this to work out – you have to be a celebrity or you have to look like a celebrity. If, upon close inspection in mirror you find that you are neither, then you can positively gain something from reading the rest of this article.

Are you in a rut and don’t have any clue about how to get a girl to talk to you? Do you find yourself speechless every time you meet a girl you like? Does it seem like every time you manage to get a girl’s attention, she instantly shows disinterest and turns away? My friend, you need a crash course in this department. You have to know the tricks in getting any girl to talk to you, and to keep on talking!

The rule of thumb in getting a girl to talk to you is to be the alpha male in the room. Don’t you realize that women are attracted to guys who are confident and who are not scared to take risks? Thus, be such a man: be confident and daring in order to make a girl want to get to know your more. How do you do this? Simple: You just need to pay attention to your stance, the way you hold your shoulders and your attitude in general. In short, be the most confident man in the room.


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The Secrets of Getting a Girl to Talk to You

The second secret in making a girl want to talk to you is by taking the lead. It won’t do you any good if you patiently wait for good things to come; you have to jump right in and grab what you want. Thus, be such a man and grab the chance to talk to the girl; seize the moment. When you decide that you can actually pull this off, you can start with the following opener:“I’m invisible.” (She says: “Really?”) You say: “Can you see me?” (She says: “Yes.”) You say: “How about tomorrow night?” The perfect delivery and your commanding presence can make a girl consider you as a person worth talking to.

The third good tip to keep in mind when making a girl talk to you is this: always be at your best in your manner of dressing. It cannot be denied that girls gravitate towards guys who have striking fashion styles. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose your clothes well. Choose clothes that look good on you and that make you look good. The fashionable attire plus your confident air will definitely entice a girl to talk to you.

The fourth effective tip in making a girl talk to you is this: always be cocky and funny. Your cocky attitude coupled with a dose of humor will be a sure hit with any girl, enough to make her talk to you. Case in point: You are at a bar and you see a girl you like. You approach her with confidence, then deliver the following line: “I’m addicted to yes, and I’m allergic to no. So what’s it gonna be?” The right delivery of this assuming pick up line determines whether the girl will want to keep the conversation alive or to cut it short; if she seems to react positively, keep the conversation interesting with comments or questions.

Everything considered, being successful in your attempt to make a girl talk to you is simple if you know the secrets. One, you have to be the alpha male. Two, you have to take the lead, not let the girl do it for you. Three, you have to dress to impress. Four, you have to maintain a cocky and funny approach in the conversation. When take these secrets to heart, you can achieve success in getting the girl you like talk to you.

The complex task of making the ladies take notice of your presence depends largely on your magnetism. By magnetism, it means the kind of personality you have that demands attention from everyone, most specially the girls. Thus, you have to improve your personality to that the girls look up the minute you enter the door. However, you have to go through great pains to develop this kind of allure before you can get it down pat. When you really want to be magnetic, you can start by being relaxed, self-assured, authoritative, and intentional in every action.

The most important thing in conveying authority to get the girls’ attention is to dress fashionably. By dressing fashionably, it means the clothes you wear are the current trends, not last year’s popular line. You have to take the lead in dressing with the fashion and not wait for some other guy to dress a certain way and you merely copy his style. In order to know the current styles you have to be in on magazines for men, websites for men’s fashion, blogs, and other sources of information regarding the trendy things to wear.

Yet another helpful hint in getting girls’ attention is to have social proof. This is particularly important as social proof tells the ladies that you belong in particular circle and that you are an important part of that circle. When the ladies see you as a vital member of a group, they will see your high value. Therefore, it is important to widen your network of friends. Make friends in any place, including social networking sites over the internet.

Getting the girls’ attention will become easier if you convey authority, have social proof, and do another very important thing: pay attention to your body language. When your confidence shows in the way you move, walk, and talk, getting the ladies to see you as the alpha male will be a breeze. Therefore, you can actually succeed with the following line: “Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?” Just be sure to give your sincere smile. Further, you have to maintain your attitude of self-assurance when you go up to her using smooth and slow movements, not the hasty and clumsy ones.

In general, getting the girls to take notice of your presence is not really easy as pie. Thus, you have to keep practicing to get it right. A few rejections won’t hurt as these will only give you more ideas on what not to do when making girls notice you. So, in order to get the ladies to see that you indeed exist you have to consciously transform yourself into a person worth noticing. Therefore, you have to be in authority, have social proof, and let your body language interpret your confidence and you can be sure that you will get the girls attention anytime.

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