The HOTTEST Stripper In The World – Strip Club Secrets

| September 8, 2010 | 4 Comments Strip Club Secrets EXPOSED! Click Here:

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  1. erode111 says:

    its funny, this guy is pretty much right on. Only thing I would add is, like he said never refer to her as a stripper or the place as a strip club. But instead of calling it a “gentleman’s club” (pretty corney) just refer to it as “the club”. Its weird how picking up strippers in the club is easy for me, but going to a bar with nothing but regular girls and normal atmosphere is SOOOO much harder to score in. Weird I know. Oh well guess I’ll just HAVE to stick with my rotten apples lol! ;)

  2. MrHorus42 says:

    I would say, hes a player

  3. malysahd says:

    This is crazy… Are we really serious? Some of us arent looking for a man we are looking to get paid to pay bills! Guy are customers… If a guy watches this, this is not going to work especially at a club that is dominately black. And we will not let a conversation get this far if we havent seen any money lol.

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