Romantic Pick Up Lines

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Romantic Pick Up Lines


romantic pick up lines

Do romantic pick up lines work? If there’s one thing Shakespeare is famous for, it’s not about how he created Romeo and Juliet but on how he romanticizes the story. If you think about it, romance has always been the key element in a story for it to survived the test of time. But unless you’re Shakespeare, using romantic pick up lines may not always work.

They keyword there is “may not always work”. If you think that your macking skills is not that effective, then using pick up lines will definitely won’t get you laid, much more get you a girl friend. A pick up line that worked for one guy may not necessarily work for you. As women are complex, it would take more than the size of what you packing for them to get turned on. Muscles can only get you a few looks, but it would take more than that to turn them on.


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Avoid Romantic Pick Up Lines

People with no experience in using romantic pick up lines have a higher failure rate compared to people who understands the entire psychology of macking. Often used romantic pick up lines:

“Can you give me directions to your heart? I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.”

“If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.”

“I’m new here in town and I keep getting lost … in your eyes.”

Here’s a tip: If you want to try and use romantic pick up lines, do so in a humorous manner. Coming up to a girl using romantic lines won’t work, nor would it do wonders for your image. This is not how it works.

Here’s another tip: Women are attracted to men with power and high social value. To be blunt, they want to be with a guy who is well like and respected by society. So unless people see you as cool, refrain from using romantic pick up lines cause it just won’t work.

If you’re wondering if you can achieve a certain degree of coolness and hopefully manipulate how women perceive you, the answer is yes. There are ways and means to establish your value and make women feel attracted towards you. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to snatch a hot girl.

How to Establish Value

Tip 1: When in a bar, make sure to talk to everyone you know.

The Eye Contact

Tip 2: It is important that you make eye contact with a girl before you come up to her. Doing this will give you an idea if she is receptive and if the chance of you not going home alone is a probability.

Finding a Reason

Tip 3: Observe her actions so that can formulate a reason as to why you approached her. But remember, your excuse should not involve a romantic pick up line.

Become the Prize

Top 4: Keep the initial conversation short and sweet. Establish that you are just passing through and that the conversation youre having now is just you being friendly. Women enjoy the attention a guy gives to them, but if it becomes too much, they would lose interest in the guy. Play the role of a prize compared to that of a pursuer.

There are ways to modify existing romantic pick up lines making it sound more natural and not forced. The idea is to use it as an ice breaker and a subtle flirting tool.

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