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SEXY hot stunning FINNISH WOMEN; selection of models, average girls, scandinavian women scandinavian beauty
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  1. owee1951 says:

    so fine

  2. sammygee17 says:

    lol @ “nearly all muslims are light skinned you idiot”. Just an example to show you how retarded your comment is – The population of bangladesh, a country that is 90% muslim, is approximately 164 million, compared to finlands 5.3 million. Do you think bangladeshi people are light skinned? I can go on with a number of other officially muslim countries with populations that are not, as you say, light skinned.
    And when did i say i was an american? man, you are retarded.

  3. FallenDespair says:

    @sammygee17 muslims you say , nearly all muslims are light skinned you idiot , what , did you forget about the black people your ancestors broughr with them to america 400 years ago , see tiger woods , oj simpson and all your beloved blacks mixing with white women , any way middle eastern women are hotter imo.

  4. Oozy9Millimeetah says:

    i think its kida fucked up too even tho 29% of Finns are genetically from scandinavian orgin.
    but even worse misunderstanding is that finns are a mix of slavic and scandinavian fuck that!
    down with scandinavia and the slavs and UP WITH FINLANDIA simply the best place to be

  5. diddyxxxxable says:

    14 fat ugly women rated

  6. Truejustice100 says:

    @TurkBerlinYakisikli 0:02 yeah a real hot turk :D :D :D LOL you are such a stupid idiot just like you look on your profile. A asiatic brown crap ^^. Yeah for sure Fins are proud turgs xD You studied races that you are classified to differ the sort of races?? I do not think so, and fins are a very very other thing than TURGS omg. Just like Hungarians ^^ Every race gots an native religion…and fins are christian and you are islamic. That’s the most important thing ;) cause it’s major culture

  7. TrisexualCommission says:

    Finnish blondes are astonishing! Even better than swedish women!

  8. RBMStudioZ says:

    Not Sexy

  9. DJacqu8351 says:

    Sexy ladies!

  10. Pasha350z says:

    @ElJefer No, the Hindu women don’t compare to the Goddesses of Northern and Eastern Europe

  11. ElJefer says:


    You think the average woman in India is as attractive as the average Scandinavian woman?

  12. CirRosSIs says:

    nice.. watch?v=WMK_yWKAS2g

  13. Yodovannn says:

    Well there is a huge misunderstanding about Finnish people being scandinavian. They are not scandinavian FFS.

  14. vammane1234 says:

    @marioboss7 at 1:30 that is Tuksu, Johanna Tukiainen. The most ugliest person in world. just type in search “tuksu” without ” and you see something very ugly.

  15. vammane1234 says:

    @Sonny0612 Swedish sucks, i always hear them keep saying jag är homo.

  16. sh0werp0wer says:

    @Pasha350z Everybody knows not every scandinavian girl looks like this. But scandinavian women has been crowned the most beautiful women in the world many times. And scandinavia has without doubt the hottest women in the world.

    Trust me, I’ve been all over the world, and Norway and Sweden has without doubt the highest amount of hot women.

  17. marioboss7 says:

    0:40 just the best. Very delicious girl.
    1:30 what the fuck is that ?

  18. Peppepoppldoppl says:

    @Pasha350z on average, yes, scandinavian girls are beautiful.

  19. jimjon7 says:

    where did you get the pics from

  20. ulooklikemydog says:

    Me: Oh yes! That was good! How was I? Shall I next time go deeply in you?
    She: Yes baby! Your big fat cock was so hard. I liked a lot. But next I want to feel more of your monster dick in my sweet little pussy. U will have to go deeper!
    Me: No problem, honey! I will fuck u next time so hard and deeply that u will have to scream more u ever did.
    She: Ohyes. And into my pussy your sperm will combine with my piss. It will feel so warm, comfortable and wet. My little sweet pussy!
    Me: Let’s fuck!

  21. sammygee17 says:

    Anyway, that will be my last message to you, as i think we are flooding the chat. if you want to talk, pm me.

  22. sammygee17 says:

    what a surprise, so you’re one of them, why should i bother arguing with you?
    my attitude is anything but racist. You say im racist, but you don’t care if, in the next 100 years, europeans will be minorities in their own lands, and one day cease to exist as an ethnic group due to interbreeding. But I guess being proud of ones white heritage is codeword for racist these days. Europe for europeans, africa for africans, etc Oh and quite frankly, your left wing politically correct views bother me!

  23. bishyfish225 says:

    @sammygee17 I actually do being an Arab. I’ve lived in many places and by the way you describe the situation, you’re clearly a racist degenerate. It isn’t treachery but rather a step forward to allow immigration. Clearly immigrants do your jobs cheaper and more efficiently then your locals.

    Genocide .. what a stupid word to use in this situation. Living around Muslims tough mate? Their worshiping bothering you or something? Your racist attitude bothers me.

  24. sammygee17 says:

    ah, i was awaiting the left wing goody goody comments to come along. Where in my comment did I say such a thing? I said there was a genocide of the native finnish population through heavy immigration (implemented by their traitorous government), nothing more. But by the sounds of things, you must come from a nice place to come up with a comment like that. Maybe we should swap homes, because by the sounds of things you have no idea what its actually like to live around muslims.

  25. bishyfish225 says:

    @sammygee17 What a stereotype. So all Muslims are ugly and all Finnish women are gorgeous? Shame on you. I actually pity you ignorant simpleton. Go masturbate and fantasize about these women you sad little child.

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  27. Your words are too cheap. Migration from Korea or India to the US is by far biggger than Russia. Without counting mexicans, guatemalans… You just write out of boredom. Talk to real people, is good for you.

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