First Time at a Strip Club = embarrassing

| September 8, 2010 | 25 Comments

This happened 2 years ago btw ;) Do you want more embarrassing stories? Comment below!

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  1. ThePapabear27 says:

    haha…same damn thing happened to me the first time i went to a strip club….but no one had any more money, we ended up being chased out the door by the bouncers….but hell it was worth it, i got a free lap dance.

  2. berbles says:

    happened to me and my friend, except it was my birthday and i never offered to pay for him.

  3. kinkymango1 says:

    Lol that sucks man

  4. contentmoron says:


  5. SavageGames360 says:

    awsome video man.

  6. TheFalloftheHeretic says:

    That light fluke made me laugh xD

  7. Movieman1113 says:

    haha thats hilarious! your the man id pay you just to see you

  8. SICxREAPER says:

    @grindcoremaniac lmfao agree

  9. SICxREAPER says:

    shes lap dancing me? is that even a fucken verb?? lmfao hahahahahahaha thats sum funny shit dude hahahaha

  10. calibour37 says:

    haha same happened to my friend but the atm took his card and he got screwed , we had to each give some money.

  11. verg2 says:


  12. anesthesiac says:


    wow, what a shit girlfriend.

  13. nidagichole says:

    @lifedivinus if it wasn’t his girlfriend/wifes idea to go, then no. why?not because he is looking at other women-that aint the issue.the issue is he is GIVING AWAY “their” money to another woman for basically no reason. Is he giving away his money to his wife/girlfriend who could easily walk around him topless anytime he wants?no.that is the issue.

  14. BKkillaz says:

    damn that sucks lol first time is always the best……….

  15. poiel says:

    the light FTW

  16. Cass0emoheart says:

    @lifedivinus If it’s okay for the girlfriend to go out and do the same.

  17. lifedivinus says:


    Is it okay for men in committed relationships go to strip clubs? Why or why not?

  18. markadams2000 says:

    that sucks dude.

  19. 91svampebob says:


  20. Davidarmo42415 says:

    the light just fell

  21. minhmeo1209 says:


  22. cutiepie6923angelbab says:

    i like the scruffles very cute

  23. bcs6400 says:

    anyone notice how his eyebrows are like constantly moving lol
    its really entertaining

  24. frost310 says:

    haha damn dude, u look like andrei arlovski!

  25. bollygallery says:

    today was my first time at strip club…i went with a friend i was very nervous…three girls was dancing…and then one of them came up to me and sat on my lap i waso so confused….
    i took the other one to provate..that was awsome….. i will go next weekkkk its fun yehh

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