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| September 5, 2011

John asks…

What can i and cant i do while getting a lap dance at a strip club?

Im going to a strip club tonight called Delilahs Den. Ive never been to one before. I just want to see what kind of general feedback anyone can give me (tips or stories of experiences going to a strip club)

Also, I might buy a few lap dances tonight. Are lap dances worth it? What are some general rules when getting a lap dance? What can and cant i do while getting a lap dance?


Well I live in las vegas were there are a lot of strip clubs. First thing you can not touch the girls in any way but they can touch you.. Bring lots of 1$ bills with you never give big bills and never flash your cash. Hope it’s all what you think it is going to be. PS it’s not like in the movies and the girls do not look like them

David asks…

How to give a lap dance to a girl?

I am planning on giving my gal a lap dance(sort of) for her birthday. As of now the plan is to tie her hands, blindfold her, seat her on a chair and use ice and feathers. Any more suggestions to make this more enjoyable for her ?


A girl can give lap dance to boy and not boy to a girl.

Mark asks…

What to wear for a lap dance during a make out session?

well i want to give my b/f a lap dance while im having a makeout session with him.
i use lots of tounge.
and sometimes give him hand jobs.

-what should i do during the lap dance?

-what should i wear during the lap dance?

-what should i do after the lap dance?

-anything else will help!


Naughty school girl outfit and pigtails … :)


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